As a British-Nigerian woman making a mark in a traditional industry, I know about doing things differently.

I am passionate about creating a welcoming space for women to discover contemporary luxury, and about designing fine jewellery that suits the diverse life that the modern woman leads.
My designs draw on my natural eye for balance and detail, honed by a nearly lifelong love of luxury and fine craft. 

In my social circles I’ve become the go-to for fashion and jewellery advice, which has inspired my approach to Aurelia & Pierre - offering honest advice, expert guidance, and access to the finest materials and craftspeople to bring your ideas to life.

My work draws upon a lifetime of rich and varied influences. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, I moved to England at a very young age, settling into boarding school in the Dorset countryside. My studies in science and language took me to university in London, where I live to this day.

My life has been a study in duality and contrast; Nigeria and England, science and art, city and countryside landscapes. I believe keenly that in life and design the coming together of contrasting elements can create magic.

Colour and Brilliance, timeless and modern – that is the magic of Aurelia & Pierre. 
“I named my brand in homage to the alchemy that is jewellery.
The feminine ‘Aurelia’ is a Latin name meaning ‘golden’, while masculine ‘Pierre’ is a French name meaning ‘rock’.
This coming together of gold and precious stones  signifies the luxurious fine jewellery I love to create.
With a personal nod to my love for travel and language, Aurelia & Pierre celebrates how duality and contrast create magic.”

Amokeye - Founder, Aurelia & Pierre

Photography by Bekky Calver