Colour & Brilliance™

Welcome to Colour & Brilliance™, one-of-a-kind, high jewellery creations for collectors who value craftsmanship, conversation, and colour.

This exclusive collection realises the very essence of our design and craft philosophy. Unmistakable luxury with an unexpected touch, Colour & Brilliance™ celebrates contrast, duality, and the most beautiful precious stones with stunning colour, exquisite clarity, and superlative cut.


Le Cœur & L’Âme

Fluorite & Diamond Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold

Named "Heart & Soul" Le Cœur & L’Âme celebrates two different landscapes across the globe. The result is a singularly striking and elegant bracelet, guaranteed to capture attention… and make your soul soar.


L'Été & L'Hiver

Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold

Named "Summer & Winter" L'Été & L'Hiver is a celebration of fluidity and change. A refreshingly modern take on the cocktail ring, this conversation-starting piece is an ode to change and a joyful celebration of colour and brilliance.


Le Calme & La Tempête

Kunzite & Diamond Necklace in 18K White Gold

Named "The Calm & The Storm" Le Calme & La Tempête celebrates love - the deep peace of contentment and the wild thrill of passion. Just like love, moods vary… so this piece can be worn three ways to suit your lifestyle, outfit, or whims.


Colour & Brilliance™

Intricately designed to showcase the incredible beauty of coloured gemstones, hand-selected by designer and founder, Amokeye.

Each creation is a product of passion, and named in French; reflecting fluent speaker Amokeye's love of the language. This collection can be read as a nod to French style, pairing classic luxury with modern poise.

Each piece is numbered, and delivered in a customised box made from luxurious materials specially selected to complement the jewellery. An accompanying book details the story of the piece, creating a special unboxing experience.