Aurelia & Pierre fine jewellery is precious and delicate. Please handle your jewellery with care, so that you can preserve its beauty over time.

Avoid use of and contact with any harsh chemicals, detergents or cleaners, and avoid the spraying of perfumes and hairspray directly onto your jewellery.  Remove jewellery when showering or bathing, and when applying lotions or cosmetic creams.

For coloured gemstone pieces, avoid ultrasonic cleaners, heat steamers and any sources of intense heat. You can gently clean your gemstone jewellery using a plain soft cloth or a soft brush, and warm soapy water. Always be sure to rinse well to remove any soapy residue, and to dry the piece completely before storing it.

Avoid strenuous tasks with your jewellery on, as hard knocks may loosen the settings.  Always remove your jewellery before exercising, playing sports or performing harsh household chores. Regularly check the security of any clasp and stone settings. 

When storing your jewellery, store each piece separately and away from other jewellery.  Avoid contact with hard materials which could break, chip or scratch the gemstones.