Aurelia & Pierre fine jewellery is designed to wear and love forever. As with all fine jewellery, a little care is required to keep your pieces beautiful always.

Gold & Diamond Jewellery Care

Avoid contact with chemicals that could damage your gold such as detergents or cleaners. Jewellery should be the last thing you put on to limit contact with toiletries, cosmetics, perfume, or hairspray.

Remove your jewellery before bathing, showering, swimming in the sea or in chlorinated pools.

Treat your pieces with care, avoiding knocks that might damage the metal or settings. Always remove your jewellery before strenuous activities such as exercise, sport, and household chores.

Gold and diamond jewellery can be cleaned with a dedicated gold cleaning cloth, warm soapy water (see below), or an ultrasonic cleaner.

Gemstone Jewellery Care

Some coloured gemstones can be damaged by chemicals and heat, so avoid ultrasonic cleaners, heat steamers and any sources of intense heat.

Instead, gently clean your gemstone jewellery using a plain soft cloth or a soft brush and warm soapy water. Rinse in clean water to remove any soapy residue and dry the piece thoroughly before storing it.

Storing Your Fine Jewellery

Store each piece of jewellery individually in a soft pouch or box, avoiding contact with hard materials which could chip or damage gemstones. Separate jewellery such as chains and pairs of earrings to avoid pieces scratching one another.

Polish your jewellery to remove fingerprints before storing, and avoid humidity, sunlight, and heat.

Regularly check the security of any clasps and stone settings, and if you are concerned about anything please contact us to arrange a review or repair.