Aurelia & Pierre is committed to producing beautifully-crafted jewellery with a considered supply chain. Your jewellery will be:

Beautifully Crafted in Italy

We use only the most skilled craftspeople to bring our jewellery to life. That is why our jewellery is hand crafted in Italy, a country famous for its luxury gold manufacturing. We are proud of the skilled team and fine Italian craftsmanship behind each and every piece.

Set With Ethically-Sourced Diamonds & Gemstones

We adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict and blood diamonds. We adhere and ensure our suppliers adhere to all standards established by the United Nations Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Process monitors the diamond supply chain and allows us to guarantee our stones do not come from conflict areas or illegitimate sources. Like our diamonds, we only use natural coloured gemstones, and work with fair-trade practice suppliers.

Made to Order

All the pieces in our collections, and bespoke commissions, are made to order. This approach allows us to offer you a personal and luxurious fine jewellery experience – find out more here.

Our limited one-of-a-kind collection allows us to explore some of the world’s most beautiful gemstones and showcase the incredible skill of our talented craftspeople.