La Rose - Rubellite & Diamond Ring


Rubellite Tourmaline & Diamond Rose Ring in 18K White Gold

In "La Rose", Aurelia & Pierre gives the toi et moi ring style a luxurious and meaningful reimagining.

Together, an exquisite diamond rose motif and a vivid pink rubellite tourmaline create a timeless and symbolic piece. Rich in symbolism, "La Rose" is a timeless motif of romance or a beautiful personal talisman.

On one side of the band, a contemporary rose motif is set with 0.47 cts of brilliant white diamonds. A classic symbol of love, the rose speaks of passion and commitment from one to another - an irresistibly romantic gift. Enjoyed for yourself, roses represent courage and persistence - for women who stride boldly towards their dreams.

Perfectly balancing the rose motif, a 6.4 ct cushion cut rubellite tourmaline wows with a vivid pink hue and elegant cut. Rubellite’s dual meaning flawlessly enhances the message of "La Rose". Said to help the wearer channel determination and confidence, this gemstone is also a beautiful symbol of love and harmony.

Whether your heart is moved by tenacity or romance, let yourself be swept away by the beauty and spirit of "La Rose".



Due to the unique properties of the rubellite tourmaline, this ring cannot be replicated entirely. However, we can source a similar stone and create a bespoke piece for you. Contact us - we would be delighted to assist.


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